Prymface is about Promoting Respect for Young Mothers and challenging the stereotypical view of 'teenage parents' that seems to encourage judgement and discrimination simply based on age.

'Teenage' is just an age group. It doesn't automatically mean single, uneducated or poor and it definitely does not mean 'bad parent'. Making assumptions and demonising all young parents is just an ignorant and lazy way of looking down on other people and, for some reason, this seems to be a social acceptable form of discrimination! 

Prymface is for young mums who feel they don't fit into the box that others try to put them in, or the mums who are told they are the 'exception to the rule' and you wonder what the rule is based on, or who decided the criteria for the box, or why there even needs to be a bloody box. Prymface is for young mums who are bored of all the negativity and shame and guilt they are 'meant' to feel just because they did things a different way round

Prymface is about being proud of who you are and what you can do - Don't let anyone make you feel that you belong in that box.


May 2009

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