This story represents everything that Prymface stands for.

Last week Shanene was contacted through her employer and asked if she would be interviewed on Newsnight about being a hard working single young mum struggling with housing costs in an area where you cannot get much for under £1,000 a month. Naturally she agreed.

Except Shanene had been deceived. It turned out that this was not the BBC's story at all. The BBC's story was about scroungers, unemployed thinking they had rights to benefits without giving anything back, irresponsible teenagers having babies without thinking about the consequences. The BBC didn't care about Shanene's story. They just wanted a face to fit their own.

If Shanene Thorpe has been prepared for the attack on her by Allegra Stratton, she would have been able to tell her how she worked hard to provide for her daughter, how she did not plan on being a single parent, how she and her partner were working when she had her daughter, how when they split she was determined to be a positive role model for her daughter and continue working and how she currently works hard for the council and is a bloody good mum. She would have told Allegra clearly that the rents in the area that she lives in are so high that housing benefit is needed to top up the payments so some landlord is making quite a bit of money, from both Shanene and the state. She would have explained that she pays more out in taxes than she gets back to pay the landlord and that the only winner here is clearly the landlord.

Except Shanene wasn't expecting to be attacked because she hadn't done anything wrong. She wasn't expecting to be told she should move her daughter back to her mums flat, that she should be ashamed of claiming benefits. Shanene was definitely not expecting to be challenged over whether she should have had her daughter. When you watch Alllegra bully Shanene on TV  it is extremely uncomfortable to watch. The fact that Allegra continues to try to catch Shanene out if she is on trial is frankly disgusting. Are the BBC really so far removed from any sense of duty of care that they are ok with deceiving a young single mum about what she will be interviewed about, allowing a middle-class middle-aged woman to bully her during an interview and then misrepresenting her on national TV as a scrounger KNOWING this is NOT the case. The abuse of power here is on so many levels!

Well, BBC, I think you messed with the wrong young mum. Because Shanene is fighting back! Please please please support  her by signing this petition demanding a public apology!  And while Newsnight is on tonight (10.30pm) you can tweet away to @BBCNewsnight to show your anger that this situation was allowed to happen. Shanene wants to make sure this never happens again, because the next young mum might not be so strong....