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Week 24
11th December 2012
Thee Mixed bag - Inviting a range questions from anyone!

Vikki StClaire. ‏@rawr_rr

@prymface I have a question. For the lone parents, how do you cope when you're ill on your own?

Gill ‏@bubbachops
@prymface How, if at all, have the cuts affected everyone? #youngmumschat

CB ‏@CatEleven
@prymface I'd be really interested in any discrimination in the workplace young mums are facing due to their age or personal circumstances

Jazmin Williams ‏@RougeLioness
@prymface I'll definitely be joining! A topic I'm dealing w/ is getting your kid to be more independent. #youngmomschat

Erica Lewis ‏@impeus
@prymface how did your experiences first time round (pregnancy/birth) effect your plans second time round, or for future?

Itsmotherswork ‏@itsmotherswork
@prymface How about a seasonal Q? How are your Xmas/Diwali/Hanukkah traditions different from the family you grew up in? #youngmumschat

Carl Packman ‏@CarlRaincoat
@prymface #youngmumschat payday loans - helpful for crises or a total burden?

Beckii ‏@YummyMumi_becki
@prymface #youngmumschat breastfeeding in public? Opinions on Health visitor advice?

Week 23
5th December 2012
Theme: Childrens Centres

Q1. What were your main issues or support needs when you first found out you were pregnant?
Q2. And what were our main issues or support needs as a young mum to a baby / toddler?
Q3. This might be more relevant to UK young mums but did/do you use Childrens Centres and what difference did/do they make?
Q4. Whats other services or support did you access as a young mum or pregnant teen? (Play groups, support groups etc?)
Q5. What difference did the support you accessed make and how do you KNOW it made a difference?!
Q6. If you didn't access support, attend Childrens Centres or other groups why didn't you? What were the barriers?
Q7. What do you think were the main GAPS in support for YOU as a pregnant teen or young mum of a little one?
Q8. As your 'little ones' grow older how do/have your issues or support needs changed?
Q9. If you could design support, or a service, from scratch for Young Mums what would it look like?!?
Q10. Finally, when you've designed your amazing support service for young mums HOW would you know it was working?

Week 22
27th November 2012
Theme: Bigging up Young Mums!

Q1. What have you achieved that you are you most proud of? #youngmumschat

Q2. What has surprised you or others most about what you are capable of? 

Q3. What has been the most difficult time (when everything has felt against you) and how did you cope?

Q4. What is the best way to change/challenge societies view of teen mums as burdens/drain on resources?


Q5. How do you feel you contribute to society that people don't' even think about?

Q6.What are the values that you want your child to be brought up with? 

Q7. Is there a young mum on Twitter who you want to big up and why?

Q8, What are your main goals for the future? And how did being a young mum changed those goals? 

Q9. How and when do you feel appreciated? What makes you feel appreciated?

Q10. if you were to win one award in your life what would you want it to be for?

Week 21
Theme: Acting your Age

19th November 2012

Q1. How old are you and how old do you FEEL and WHY? #youngmumschat

Q2. How often do you make time to just be you? What sort of things do you do? via @_CalendarGirl #youngmumschat

Q3a. Do you feel like you have to act responsibly all the time because you're a mum? (from @CharleyVallance) #youngmumschat

Q3b .... Is it ever okay to completely switch off and just act like a 'normal' teenager? (from @CharleyVallance) #youngmumschat

Q4. Do u think there's more pressure on young mums to show they're taking responsibility-How much do perceptions affect you? #youngmumschat

Q5. Alternatively do you NOT want to do 'normal' stuff your peers are doing? Are you sick of pple telling u to Act Your Age!? #youngmumschat

Q6. Looking back since you became a mum, would you change anything? Would you focus more or less on your own needs/interests? #youngmumschat

Q7. What ONE thing do you think you missed out on by not have fully care-free teenage years? #youngmumschat (or more than one!)

Q8. Do u see yourself living your teen years later when your kids have left home? What are our plans for your freedom years?! #youngmumschat

Q9. What advice would you give to other young mums about staying young/having fun? #youngmumschat

Q10. Whats the BESTEST thing you've ever bought JUST for YOURSELF!! #youngmumschat

Week 20
13th November 2012
Theme: Labels and Stigma
Q1. What "labels" have you been given? (via @totallyteenmum) #youngmumschat

Q2. What impact does this have? Which offends you the most? (via @totallyteenmum) #youngmumschat
Q3. Why do you think such labels still exist? #youngmumschat

Q4. How much do you think is in our heads? (i.e. the perception that that expect other to have) #youngmumschat

Q5 Does labelling stop when you turn 20 (i.e. not longer teen)?  Do you prefer term teenage parent or young parent? #youngmumschat

Q6. Are there any advantages of stigma? #youngmumschat

Q7. People say teen pregnancy is more socially acceptable these days. Do you think thats true? #youngmumschat

Q8. Do you think young dads get same treatment? Are their labels different?  #youngmumschat

Q9. Have you tried to distance your self from the stigma and is this helpful? #youngmumschat

Q10. What do you tell your children about teenage pregnancy and what would you tell you daughter if she was pregnant? (via @SarahsLogin) #youngmumschat

Week 19
6th November
Theme: PND

Q1. Were you aware of PND? via @innamood
Q2. How do you distinguish PND from genuinely not coping with baby via ‏@ramtopsgrum
Q3. Besides the obvious birth, what differentiates PND from your everyday depression?! via @dawnuptheroad
Q4. Who did you talk to about PND and Did you receive help? via @innamood
Q5. If you didn't tell anyone, why not? via @innamood
Q6. Do you think the questionnaire they give you at 6 weeks postnatal is a helpful diagnostic tool? via @Ruth_Povey
Q7. Do you think there are additional pressures of being a young or old mum that make it more difficult to ask for help?
Q8. Does anyone think that it may leave a mark, that PND mums are more prone to depressive illness now? via @allymoonbeam
Q9. How important is it to have a good support network as a new mum? Do you think specific young mums PND groups help with need to show world u can cope?  via @itsjustahobby
Q10 How can we increase awareness of PND? Should PND be mentioned at schools of would it put people off pregnancy? via @ramtopsgrum

Week 18
30th October
Theme: Inquiry into Teenage Pregnancy
Q1. Why do you think young people become pregnant?
Q2. Why do you think young people chose to continue a pregnancy?
Q3. Homeless young parents and especially homeless single young parents are usually high priority on housing waiting lists. What do you think about that?
Q4. What do you think about the idea of young parents being housed in “boarding houses” to act as a disincentive to getting pregnant?
Q5. Do you think that the current benefits/housing system glamorises becoming a young parent?
Q6. Do you think those having sex with those under 16 should be prosecuted?
Q7. England has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Western Europe. Why do you think this might be?
Q8.What do you think are the most important issues for young people at risk of pregnancy?
Q9. What would you suggest should be done to reduce the rates of unplanned teenage conceptions?

Week 17
22nd October
Theme: Mixed race relationships and parenting

Q1. How do/would your family feel about you having an inter-racial relationship/mixed-race children? @totallyteeenmum

Q2. When you found out you were pregnant, did issues like race and identity play a bigger part of your relationship if you were in an inter-racial relationship? @bananarahmana

Q3. If your child is multi-racial, how/what do you identify your child as? How did you determine the identity? @rougelioness
Q4. What opportunities and difficulties do you think you or your child face from being in/from a mixed relationship, be it culturally, ethnically, or class? @rougelioness

Q5a. If you/your children ARE from a mixed background, be it culturally, ethnically, or class do you find you/they relate more to one "side" than the other? @totallyteenmum
Q5b Do you or your partner find yourself unwittingly trying to claim your child's identity as predominately one or the other? @bananarahmana
Q6. If you/your children ARE from a mixed background, how do you feel other views you as the parent of mixed race/dual heritage child and a YOUNG mum? @bananarahmana
Q7. By raising a child from a mixed background, be it culturally, ethnically, or class, have you discovered things about yourself or your partner that have surprised you? @bananarahmana
Q8. How do you negotiate/compromise with your partner if you don't like or agree with certain cultural practices (and vice versa)? @bananarahmana
Q9. What do you do to embrace your child's various ethnicities & cultures? @rougelioness

Q10 Are you actively teaching your children how to deal with racism and prejudice? what advice can you give other parents? @bananarahmana

Week 16
15th October
Theme: Friends of young mums
Hosted by @youngmumtales

Q1: Who do you see yourself as? Are you the same friend as before you became a mum? #youngmumschat

Q2: How do you make time to be ‘you’ and spend time with your friends? #youngmumschat

 Q3: What’s your favourite ‘me time’ activity? eg. bath, run, read magazine, book etc #youngmumschat

 Q4: How do you find a babysitter when you go out? eg Do your parents/friends help out? #youngmumschat

 Q5: Time management is a big deal for YM’s – how many things do you have to juggle? #youngmumschat

One for the non mammas:
Q6: How has your friend/s becoming young parents affected your relationship with them? #youngmumschat

Week 15
16th October
Theme: the value of care

Q1 How many roles do you have and what are they e.g. employee, writer, student, mother, sister, daughter, friend, wife, etc

Q2 Which role is more important to you and why?

Q3 Do you think as a society roles than involve caring are values or seen as important as ones that make money?

Q4 Has your caring role ever prevented you from working? How easy has it been to access help? financial, social etc

Q5 Do you have any experience of the care system? How well do you feel the state carries out this carrying role?

Q5a has this influenced your own parenting?

A6a If you care for /or have cared for anyone sick / disabled including parents siblings etc) what are/were your main concerns? If not personally

Q6b how easy is it to access help? Do peers treat you differently? What could the gov do?

Q7.  Do you think those who choose to prioritise caring over working are betraying feminism!

Q8. Young mums usually spend more of their life caring cos they are parents for longer! What are the pros and cons?

Q9. Caring for others is a fab thing but can be lonely/ invisible, what can help with this?

Q10. if you juggle caring with working/ studying etc, how do you manage it all and stay sane!

Week 14
1st October
Theme: Accountability and co-parenting

Q1a. Who do you think is responsible for pregnancies amongst teens & young adults? #youngmumschat
Q1b. ...and who is responsible for contraception? Do you have a view on girls who get pregnant 'to keep their boyfriends'??? #youngmumschat

Q2. Do you think society holds girls more responsible 4 pregnancies? How do u feel about double standards towards YM & dads? #youngmumschat

Q3. Why do you think the majority of fathers to 'teen births' don't stick around? Do you think the dads age is a factor too? #youngmumschat

Q4. Are you separated from the father & how does that affect co-parenting? What do you tell child re. father involvement? #youngmumschat

Q5. Do u think young mums should encourage young dads to be active parents and how? Did you get any help/support with this? #youngmumschat

Q6. If you have a partner, do u feel u bear most of the parenting responsibilities? Do they SHARE roles & responsibilities? #youngmumschat

Q7. If not with 'bio-dad', are you able to, or do you think you could, co-parent with 'new dad'? What are difficulties? #youngmumschat

Q8. Do you think when a couple split then mum and dad's 'access to child' should be equal? If not why? Who trumps who? #youngmumschat

Q9. Do u feel under more pressure 2 be good mum/responsible/no behaviour probs due to scrutiny of 'choosing' to be 'teen mum' #youngmumschat

Q10. Does your experience of being a YOUNG mum influence your view of the Megan Stammers/teacher case re. 'accountability’? #youngmumschat

Week 13
14th September
Theme: Guest Chat with Go4it Prospects

Q1. What do you find are the biggest issues for the young mums? #youngmumschat

Q2. What support is available for young mums with these issues? #youngmumschat

Q3. Is education, employment or training right for all young mums? If young mums want to wait a few years before going into education or work what support still available after the teen years? #youngmumschat

Q4. Do you think there are enough flexible opportunities for young parents and what can be done to improve this? #youngmumschat

Q5. Can young mums get childcare paid for if they want to do apprenticeships? #youngmumschat

Q6. What support is there for young mums who have never used childcare before? #youngmumschat

Q7. What is the best way to support young mums or dads who find it hard to access services? #youngmumschat

Q8. What can young mums expect from their Prospects adviser? #youngmumschat

Q9. What support is there for students who become pregnant while at school? #youngmumschat

Q10. Young mums often juggle many roles. How can we make it easier for Young Mums to manage parenting, working and education? #youngmumschat

Week 12
17th September
Theme: Ask Simon Blake, CEO of Brook Charity, Anything!*

*Open Questions

Week 11
12th September
Theme: Religion and Beliefs

Q1. Are you religious? And did you discover your religion or adopt your families religion? (@rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q2. Does/Did religion affect the way you view young mothers? (@rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q3. Did religion pay a part in your experience of sex education?

 Q4. Did religion impact your decision to become a parent, adopt, or consider abortion? (@natashavianna) #youngmumschat

Q5a. How did people in your religion view your pregnancy? @rougelioness
Q5b. As a young mum have you received support or otherwise from a church/religious groups? #youngmumschat

Q6. Do some feel that religion further stigmatises the stereotypes of young mums being irresponsible etc?  (‏@bananarahmana) #youngmumschat

Q7. How did/does your religion or beliefs affect your parenting? (@rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q8a. Are you teaching your child about your religion or are you letting your child age and decided on his/her own? @rougelioness OR #youngmumschat
Q8b. How much influence do you think you have over your child beliefs? Would you like them to believe the same as you? (@blindfishideas) #youngmumschat

Q9. Did having a child impact the way you think about life and death? (@blindfishideas) #youngmumschat

Q10a. After becoming a parent, have your views on religion changed? (@natashavianna)  #youngmumschat AND
Q10b. If you not already a religious/spiritual person, have you ever considered becoming one during hard times? What changed your mind? (@_CalendarGirl) #youngmumschat

Week 10.
5th September
Turn the Tables

Q1.Have u had any personal contact with young parents? How has this affected ur perception of young parenthood?(@stepsboston) #youngmumschat

Q2.How often/if at all to do stereotype young mums when you see them out and about with their child/ren? (from @maxwellnumber5) #youngmumschat

Q3. Does the media's portrayal of young moms influence how you think of young moms? (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q4. Why do you think young moms became young moms? (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q5. Do u think scaring teens into believing teen parents live miserable lives is an appropriate method of "birth control"?(@stepsboston) #youngmumschat

Q6a). If you were an older parent do you feel you have an upper advantage when it comes to birth because their age? (from@lovebirthllc) #youngmumschat and
Q6b) Did 'Waiting till it was all in place' (life, house, €, man..) work out, or did u still find urself unprepared somehow? (from @celaV) #youngmumschat

Q7. If you were an older mum, was it hard to tell your parents you were pregnant? (from @youngmumtales) #youngmumschat

Q8. Do you think young mums can ever be a little too defensive/assume people think negatively of them?! What impact does this have? #youngmumschat

Q9. Do you follow #youngmumschat? What have you learnt about young mums from it and what would you like to know more about?  (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

 Q10. Finally, Whats it like to be a grown up ;) (from @bang2write)  #youngmumschat


29th August
Theme: Back to school

 Q1. Are you/your child currently getting ready for school? What year is your child going into? What are you doing at ‘school’? #youngmumschat

Q2. If your child’s off to school about now how are YOU feeling? Scared/excited/relieved/anxious/all of the above?! What’s the scariest thing? #youngmumschat

Q3. For young mums who have been there how do you deal with the school gates politics? How do you get on side with other mums! #youngmumschat

Q4. What was your own experience of school and how do you hope it will be different for your child? #youngmumschat

Q5. Where would you like your child to be at age 25? #youngmumschat

Q6 For all mums that have returned to education, what influenced this decision to ‘go back to school’? #youngmumschat

Q7.How are you feeling/did you feel about studying as a young mum? Scared/excited/relieved/anxious/all of the above? Whats the scariest thing? #youngmumschat

Q8. What support did you get as a young mum finding a college/uni place or studying? What would you have liked? #youngmumschat

Q9. Where would you like to be in ten years time?! #youngmumschat

Q10. In terms of you OR your child going back to school what do you think are the main issues that are UNIQUE to young parents? #youngmumschat

22nd August

Theme: Housing and Relationships!

Q1. Are you still living with your parents? If not what age did you move out? (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q2. When you moved out did you move into council housing, private with housing benefit or other? (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q3. Where were you living when you brought your newborn home? (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q4. How did you find the 'running of a home' at a young age? (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q5. Is the freedom of living away from parents worth the financial strain? (from @_CalendarGirl) #youngmumschat

Q6. Is living with parents whilst being a parent yourself stressful? How do you deal with it? (from @_CalendarGirl)  #youngmumschat

Q7. If your a single mum how did you juggle dating with parenting?  (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q8. Did you find being a parent put off potential partners? (from @simply_hayley) #youngmumschat

Q9. Did you find it harder to let yourself meet/trust someone after having a child? #youngmumschat

Q10. What are you tips for other young parents: housing or relationships? #youngmumschat

15th August 2012

THEME: How to be a Money Savvy Young Mum!

Q1. What were you like with money before you became a mum? #youngmumschat

Q2. Did you know what financial help you were/would be entitled to as a young mum before you fell pregnant? #youngmumschat

Q3. What was the hardest financial issue to overcoming as a young mum? What did you need help with most? #youngmumschat

Q4. Does the other parent willingly provide financial support? Do financial issues impact on co-parenting?(@RougeLioness) #youngmumschat

Q5. What adjustments in life did you make to start saving money? (from @RougeLioness) What have you learnt about budgeting? #youngmumschat

Q6. Are you aware of grants for lone parents to help with living costs when studying (from @Go4itProspects) #youngmumschat

Q7. Do you know what a college discretionary fund is and how to access it? (from @Go4itProspecst) #youngmumschat

 NB See@go4itProspect’s website for more info on the support they offer #youngmumschat

Q8. What are your best ideas 4 cheap ways to spend time with your family during hols? (from @youngmumtales & @totallyteenmum) #youngmumschat

Q9. What are you best ideas for cheap but healthy ways to feed your family? (from @StepsBoston) #youngmumschat

Q10. What is your guilty pleasure? What’s hiding in a shopping bag under you bed/stairs/bottom of the wardrobe!! #youngmumschat

EXTRA bonus question! Q11. What do you teach your children about money? What attitude would you like them to have to money? #youngmumschat

8th August 2012

THEME: Health and Well-being

Q1. How important is your health? What do you do to keep healthy (workout dvds, foods, etc)? (from @GigglesTickles) #youngmumschat

Q2a. What's the best way to squeeze exercise into our hectic schedules? (from @_CalendarGirl and Darlobikegirl) #youngmumschat

Q2b. Do you find ways to work out/be physically active with your child(ren)? (from @stepsboston and @youngmumtales (considering a jogging buggy!)) #youngmumschat

Q3. What do you wish your doctor/health worker had told you about pregnancy/birth before you experienced it? Did u have a surprise?! (from @blindfishIdeas) #youngmumschat

Q4a.  Have you experienced health problems post birth that you felt you were or weren't supported in and why (from @drpetra) #youngmumschat

Q4b.  What habits healthy/unhealthy did you pick up after giving birth? And how did/does it affect you? (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q5a. How important was it to you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight? And what was reason to do so? (from @rougelioness)  #youngmumschat

Q5b. Do you think there is pressure on mums to look very slim post baby, to lose weight fast (from @drpetra) #youngmumschat

Q5c! How has your perception of body image changed after giving birth? (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

Q6. There is an assumption young mums have poor diets-Have you ever been given advice that's unhelpful/patronising/prejudiced? (from @DrPetra) #youngmumschat

Q7. Do you think about your emotional/mental health as well/much as your physical health? What has biggest impact on your wellbeing? #youngmumschat

Q8. Being a young parent, did you /do you feel awkward asking for help in supporting your own emotional needs? (from @bananarahmana) #youngmumschat

Q9a. "Is it ok for you to give up happiniess so loved ones are happy?" (from @youngmumtales) #youngmumschat

Q9b. Do you ever feel resentful that the focus is on your being a "good enough" parent rather than a person who has needs? (from @bananarahmana) #youngmumschat

Q9c. Have you ever felt disappointed with your partner or family for not understanding how you need help as a young parent? (from @bananarahmana) #youngmumschat

Q10. What healthy habits do you think are important for us to hand-down to our children? (from @rougelioness) #youngmumschat

1st August 2012

THEME: Improving support

Q1. What are the main issues /difficulties that young mothers have to deal with? How do you think they could be better supported in dealing with these? @IzzyKoksal #youngmumschat

Q2. Did any health services (i.e. your health visitor or midwife) or other professional (teachers, careers) discriminate against you as a young mother? (from @hannahvancex) #youngmumschat

Q3. Where do you feel there is the greatest need for better understanding about young parents? Professional? Communities? Young People etc? #youngmumschat

Q4. How do you think we can challenge the stigma that surrounds young mums in schools? Would PSHE classes that looked at young motherhood would be helpful? (from @IzzyKoksal and ‏@blindfishideas) #youngmumschat

Q5. ‘Media representation of young mothers is very poor, unimaginative, and based on prejudices. If you could create a young mother in a soap or film – what would she be like?’ (from  @IzzyKoksal) #youngmumschat

Q6.  Services that support young mums are struggling for funding and being cut – what impact do you think this will have on young mums? @IzzyKoksal #youngmumschat

Q7.  What can we do (both young mums and supporters) to stand up for young mums and demand that they get the access to services and the support they deserve?' @IzzyKoksal #youngmumschat

Q8. How should young mums and dads join forces? Do you think support should join up or be separate? #youngmumschat

Q9.What would you want from a directory of services/groups/listings website for young mums showing all resources for young mums around the UK? (from @youngdadstv) #youngmumschat

Q10. "If your life was turned into a movie, what would it be titled?" (from @stepsboston)

18th July 2012
THEME: Education

From @PWP_UK:

Q1. What was the biggest thing you lerant when you had  a baby? #youngmumschat

Q2:If you were in education when you found out you were expecting, did you continue?#youngmumschat

Q3:Do you feel that having a baby limited your education? If yes, why?#youngmumschat

Q4:Did having a baby change your perspective on what you want to do career or training-wise?#youngmumschat

Q5:Do you enjoy reading with your child? Has your own experience influenced what you want for your child re. education? #youngmumschat

From @prymface

Q6. Is child care is an issue for young mums who are trying to get their education and build careers (from @YMM_ and @Drpetra) #youngmumschat

Q7.How do you define success? Has your view changed since becoming a young parent? #youngmumschat

Q8.Can young mums be role models? What young mum role models can you think of? #youngmumschat
Q9. What kind of careers advice did you get and what did you want? Were open days helpful or did you feel they could be better? #youngmumschat

Q10. How can young mums help other young mums to get the most out of education and build successful careers? #youngmumschat

11th July 2012

THEME: Sex ed

From @prymface

Q1. Did you find you had adequate sex education at school? (from @sexpressionuk and @p4sre) - Or home? #youngmumschat

Q2. Did you get good contraception advice etc. after having the baby? (from @lozzlemcfozzle)  Did you want it? #youngmumschat

Q3.When people always say they want to 'teach young people the realities of being a teenage parent' do they get it right?! #youngmumschat #youngmumschat

Q4.Why do you think is young parenthood "problematized" in the "developed" world? (from @farzanabanana) #youngmumschat

Q5.How was being a young mum different to what you/others expected? #youngmumschat

Q6. Do you feel organisations can help prevent teenage pregnancy as well as support young mums? #youngmumschat

Q7. Why do you think that young mothers are more likely to experience domestic abuse? #youngmumschat

Q8. Would improved Relationship & Sex Ed have been beneficial to you in any way? If so what? how? when? (from @bigtalked) #youngmumschat

Q9. What would you want your children to learn at school?(from p4se) and do you advocate for mandatory RSE in schools (from @dale_beaver) #youngmumschat

Q10. As a result of your own experience what do you teach your children about safe sex? (from @Dale_beaver) & young parenthood! #youngmumschat

4th July 2012

From @youngmumtales

Q1: What's the rudest comment you've ever received?

Q2: What's your best come back line?

Q3: What's the best part about being a parent?

Q4: Who is on your little one's birth certificate? Lots of young parents consider not putting the father on.

Q5: Is it important for a child to have a Mum and Dad, even if you're no longer with your partner?

From @gigglestickles
Q6: What do you feel you needed advice/help with most (money,pregnancy etc.)?

Q7: Would you be interested in sharing your story if it could help make a difference?

Q8: What's the hardest thing you have had to deal with?

Q9: Would you go to monthly young parents & baby/toddler groups? What are the pros & cons to this?

Q10: Finally, do you have any advice you would give another young parent?

27th June 2012

From @prymface

Q1. What assumptions do people make about you and how do they affect you? #youngmumschat

Q2. Do you think there is less stigma now than 10/20 years ago or is it just different? #youngmumschat

Q3. Do you try to be different to 'teen mums', or dissociate yourself with other other teen mums? Should you? #youngmumschat

Q4. Do single mums feel inferior to those that are in a relationship raising children? (from @singlemumsunite) #youngmumschat

Q5. What do you think about how young mums are represented in the media? Have there been any good examples? #youngmumschat

From @youngmumshope

Q6. Do you think young fathers have similar issues to young mothers? Do you think they get ignored? #youngmumschat

Q7. What do you feel about David Cameron's plans to cut housing benefit for under 25s? #youngmumschat

Q8. How easy do people find it to makes friends with other mums on the playground/groups etc (from @youngmummyblogger) #youngmumschat

Q9. Is there a role for social media in making connections with other young mums? #youngmumschat

Q10. What is the best way to stand up for young mums and give them a voice? #youngmumschat 

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