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10 benefits of being a young mum

Posted by Prymface on Friday, April 30, 2010,

1. You can just about get away with sharing the same clothes (sometimes) without looking like mutton (?!?)

2. You can still vaguely remember doing GCSE's - which actually helps a lot when they are doing theirs.

3. You have so much more energy before you reach 30. By that time you can (should) stop running round after them.

4. You're so poor when they are babies that your financial situation can only really get better.

5. You never really knew what it was like to have freedom, as in proper adult f...
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Election Shmelection

Posted by Prymface on Saturday, April 24, 2010,
I really am trying to understand the difference between all the different parties (or at least the 3 main ones) but sometimes it all seems a bit jumbled. I've not liked David Cameron since he implied that the abuse of baby P was linked to the mother being 17 and not knowing how to look after a baby when in fact she was 27. I mean if you're gonna diss young parents at least get your facts rights FFS. So anyway I've been looking through some recent Centre for Social Justice reports on families ...
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In their words

Posted by Prymface on Saturday, April 24, 2010,
Seems like I'm not the only one with a bee in my bonnet about the stereotype of young mums. Read these fantastic posts from those who are living it/have lived it...

 *stands up*

 The truth about teen parenting

Don't accept me in spite of my baby

Now if only people would listen!

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How should we portray teenage parents?

Posted by Prymface on Thursday, April 15, 2010,

I read an article this week about the Juno effect, or rather the death of it. Turns out, amid all this moral panic, the film Juno did NOT actually cause teenage birth rates to increase! The thing is people really don’t know how to portray young parents responsibly. As the article states:

‘Juno was too smart, funny and likable; Katherine Heigl in "Knocked Up" was too pretty and too happy; the Gloucester girls were too poor and too dumb; Jamie Lynn Spears was too rich and too dumb; Bristol P...
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