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The bottom 10 things about being a young mum!

Posted by Prymface on Sunday, October 24, 2010,
Ok. I've done my top 10 before. So, after a lot of thinking, here are my bottom 10!

1. You never had a 'pre-pregnancy body' (or not for long enough to make the most of it anyway!)

2. For many young mums, the first time you fall in love will be the day you meet your child. No bloke can EVER compete with that, ever.

3. The unplanned-ness of it all can mean that siblings have to wait - in my case my son will be waiting forever! -  Sometimes I wish I had just been 'irresponsible' one last time! (or...
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Kids having Kids

Posted by Prymface on Friday, October 22, 2010,
I've been doing some research about 'the cost of teenage parenthood' for an evaluation at work (I bet they're so glad they  asked me to do this!). Depending on which report you read 'costs' vary from about £1,000 to £197,000 per teenage parent! That seems like a pretty big margin indicating that perhaps people aren't really sure what they're measuring!

Delve deeper into reports and outcomes (such as income, qualifications etc) for 'teenage parents' will often be compared to those who have ch...
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