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Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, July 18, 2012,

Here are all the questions that have been asked in the weekly LIVE Twitter chat for young mums so far - If you want to see the chats please do have a read through on Storify or Facebook

Don't forget you can join on Twitter by following the #youngmumschat hashtag!

Week 24
11th December 2012
Thee Mixed bag - Inviting a range questions from anyone!

Vikki StClaire. ‏@rawr_rr

@prymface I have a question. For the lone parents, how do you cope when you're ill on your own?

Gill ‏@bubbachops
@prymface How...

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Is this Britains worst example of a Teenage Mum?

Posted by Prymface on Tuesday, July 10, 2012,

A woman who became pregnant at just 16 with someone she had known for only 6 months says she has no regrets at being a teenage mum.

In fact, the woman encourages other teen mums to be proud of being a teen mum too and boasts that there are benefits of having a child as a teenager!

After giving birth she spent a whole year living in a council house and claiming benefits, paid for by the tax payer, with her unemployed partner, who was 14 and half years older than her.
She walked out on the devot...
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