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Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, May 30, 2012,

This story represents everything that Prymface stands for.

Last week Shanene was contacted through her employer and asked if she would be interviewed on Newsnight about being a hard working single young mum struggling with housing costs in an area where you cannot get much for under £1,000 a month. Naturally she agreed.

Except Shanene had been deceived. It turned out that this was not the BBC's story at all. The BBC's story was about scroungers, unemployed thinking they had rights to bene...
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If I was PM!

Posted by Prymface on Monday, May 28, 2012,

If I were in charge, these are some things I would put in place:

1) There would be an understanding of value beyond financial.

2) We need house prices / rental prices to stay static until wages have actually caught up which is gonna be a long long time. I know homeowners wanna stick pins in my eyes but think of our children! You should never have bought a home as a way to get rich quick in the first place. We need the ratio of earnings to mortgages given to go back to the old (sensible) days w...
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