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WRITE TO YOUR MP!! Universal Credit Discriminates against YOUNG parents!

Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, March 13, 2013,
A few weeks ago we had a twitter chat about the introduction on Universal Credit  - There were a lot of young mums angry about the fact that young parents under 25 will be entitled to a lower rate than parents over 25. You can read the discussion here:

Anyway, I have now put together a template letter based on my Telegraph article that you can send to your MP! To find out WHO that is just check here!

Now get shouting!!


Dear [MP’s / Councillor’s name]

As I’m ...
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Joint #youngmumschat!

Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, March 13, 2013,

For this weeks #youngmumschat we are joining forces with another twitter mum's chat that use the hashtag #somum -  When I agreed to this a few weeks ago I didn't realise quite how organised @storyofmum was!! This is her post about the chat! Apparently there are prizes and you can do stuff with balloons and all sorts!!?? - Puts my organisational skills to shame (I'm usually finalising the questions mid-way through the actual chat!) 

Anyway, the theme is 'embarrassing mums'! And I've writ...
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