"Care to Learn provides non income-assessed support for childcare and associated travel costs to young parents of up to £160 a week (£175 in London) to enable them to complete their education, gain qualifications and enter employment. Childcare payments are made direct to the childcare provider. In academic year 2009/10 the programme cost around £37 million and provided childcare support to 7,933 young parents.

A research report commissioned by the Young People's Learning Agency (YPLA) found that most young parents receiving Care to Learn would not have returned to learning without support for their childcare costs.  Those young parents who stay in education after the original course funded by Care to Learn often progress to higher level learning. Evaluation also shows that Care to Learn has an important role in reducing the proportion of young parents who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)."

The Government have launched a consultation on changes to Care to Lean. These are the options:

Option 1. Let schools/colleges decide if you are eligible
Option 2. Set an income threshold for eligibility, based on families/partners earnings
Option 3. Reduce the amount of childcare payments you can receive
Option 4. Limit eligibility to 18 and under (so 19 year olds are no longer eligible)

(NB Options 4 is the Govs preferred option)

I will add more details soon on how to respond to this. In the meantime feel free to comment below....