Dear DfE,

Re. Consultation on Care to Learn

I think that you probably should be aware
That in the tick boxes provided my response wasn't there
The comments box was too small to have a real voice
And therefore there seems to be no other choice
So I've sent you an attachment and I hope it's enough
To evidence that young parents have views n stuff
I've looked at other consultations on your site
And this restriction to comment doesn't quite seem right
For in your usual format you tend to request
That thoughts and opinions and ideas are expressed
So next time you want to know what young mums need
Be open minded and try not to mislead
Don't force them to tick what you already decided
With claims of 'consulting' that are rather misguided
You see, young mums don't fit into your simple template
Or the one dimensional boxes that you try to create
There isn't just one option or proposal preferred
For young mums are complex and need space to be heard