1. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with your life being exposed for everyone to see.

2. Read the contract before you sign anything.

3. Remember that you can change your mind/pull out at any time if you're unhappy.

4. Remember that whatever you do, some people just DO NOT LIKE teen mums - it's ignorant and unfair but it's life - be prepared for negative comments and don't let them get to you.

5. Being on TV does not stop when the cameras stop or the show finishes - be prepared to be recognised as 'the teenage mum off the telly' for years afterwards - this can feel quite intrusive, especially if reactions are negative.

6. If you are sensitive about what other people think, don't do it.

7. Remember that the programme makers may be lovely but they are 'the media' and they want lots of viewers. Sometimes they may choose to exploit certain 'teen mum' stereotypes. Watch what you say or do - Make sure it can't be misinterpreted. If it can be then it will be.

8. Do not agree to do or say anything you are unhappy with.

9. Think about how being on TV will affect your family and friends.

10. If you don't want your life dissected and made into a drama - don't do it!

Finally, if you want to speak to someone who has been on a teen mum show and survived let me know and I'll put you in touch...its not all bad (some shows can have a really positive impact on participants and viewers), but it's always wise to be as informed as possible;

"Being on TV isn't always what its cracked up to be!"

Thanks to Megan, Leah and Charlotte for all your help with this post. x