A woman who became pregnant at just 16 with someone she had known for only 6 months says she has no regrets at being a teenage mum.

In fact, the woman encourages other teen mums to be proud of being a teen mum too and boasts that there are benefits of having a child as a teenager!

After giving birth she spent a whole year living in a council house and claiming benefits, paid for by the tax payer, with her unemployed partner, who was 14 and half years older than her.
She walked out on the devoted father when the child was only two years old and during 2000/2001 was often seen dancing in rock clubs wearing a boob tube and baggy trousers.

Although she worked part time the woman continued to claim tax credits for a number of years, paid for by the tax payer.

She soon moved ANOTHER partner in with her when the child was only 6 years old.

In 2005, the police were called to a party at the woman's house and demanded to know what the sign 'Bunny Ranch' meant in the window. The child was staying at her parents at the time.

During 2007 her boss was called to the HR department on numerous occasions to explain why she was wearing a bikini top under her t-shirt, her trousers too low, or a jumper with the slogan 'boxfresh'.

In 2012 she was chased by the car park security person for parking on double yellow lines in the staff car park.

The child, now 15, appears healthy but has been seen in A&E a number of times for football related accidents and once cut his thumb on a cat food tin.  The tearaway child was also once seen moaning in Skegness that it was the worst holiday ever.

Despite the clearly irresponsible lifestyle the woman says 'young mums should be proud or who they are and what they can do' and that 'they should not be judged'! She recruits teenage mums on social network sites to encourage this attitude.

Is this the Worst Teenage Mum Britain has even seen?

* this article is based on Daily Mail style journalism!