For this weeks #youngmumschat we are joining forces with another twitter mum's chat that use the hashtag #somum -  When I agreed to this a few weeks ago I didn't realise quite how organised @storyofmum was!! This is her post about the chat! Apparently there are prizes and you can do stuff with balloons and all sorts!!?? - Puts my organisational skills to shame (I'm usually finalising the questions mid-way through the actual chat!) 

Anyway, the theme is 'embarrassing mums'! And I've written a guest post about some of the rather embarrassing occasions when people have assumed I'm too young to be my son's have drawn their own conclusions! Its also about helping mums NOT feel embarrassed too, which is a great skill! This is a fab opportunity to mix with some other mums and for them to mix with us! We start at 8.30pm on Wed 13th and will use both hashtags...Just follow me  if you get confused!

See you there!