While this article in the Guardian about young grandparents fails to acknowledge that teens have been having babies for a number of decades, and that young grandparents are hardly a new phenomena, the point about grandparents often playing a vital role in caring for grandchildren seems a valid one. The research suggests that they should be supported rather than ignored, especially if the alternative is the child going into care. However, reading these comments has reminded me just how much people HATE young mums and are unable to see past their own narrow minded stereotypes of benefit scroungers, all getting pregnant to get a council house. Really? This is soooo five years ago...

These 30-something grandparents must take responsibility for their actions and must be punished appropriately for letting their children make the same mistakes i.e. having babies way way too young.

Let's bait the trap for even more girls with no qualifications living on council estates to have even more illegitimate offspring by offering ever more help from the long-suffering taxpayer.

Britain should establish a series of state-run "Boarding Schools" capable of taking in children from birth. These schools should be staffed by the best teachers and carers the State can afford and should be strictly monitored to avoid abuse. Rather than paying benefit to unmarried teenage mothers, the new-born would immediately join the Boarding School. This would remove the incentive for teenagers to become pregnant as a "career choice" and, by educating the children and giving them suitable role models would break the current cycle

So us hard working taxpayer are paying for irresponsibility of these feckless ferral youth

As a way of tackling a serious social problem, it's up there with driving round a council estate announcing over a mobile PA system that you'll give £20k and a flat of their own to any kid who can prove that they're hooked on smack.

This is a classic. So, people have children young - their children have children young. This then means that they need more 'help' and 'support' - for which read large dollops of my money.
The more we encourage and subsidise irresponsible behaviour the more of it we get

Even for the Guardian,suggesting that
social services need to adapt to thirty-something grandparents is a whole lot of leftyism. I can't lean that far, I'm of the opinion that thirty-something grandparents need to adapt to reality..

My taxes should not have to support your indulgent lifestyle.

Oh, one's heart bleeds for them. It is always the same from these bleeding heart do gooders. If anybody acts prudently and responsibly, they want them punished, plundered and dumped in order to molly coddle those who are reckless and bent on taking no responsibility. Where is the morality in that?

stop wingeing - you didn't teach your teenager to use contraception - is that society's fault? Stop asking other people to take on your problems and hand them over to the mother of the child. She lost her childhood and the fact that you chose to shoulder her responsibilities shows how you went wrong in bringing her up.

You can see where this is going, - four generations of one family under 50 with a fifth generation on the way. All in free council houses, all on benefits, all the women with multiple partners. Everyone of them voting for greater benefits and hand-outs.

Please, if you have time, go to the article and recommend some of the sensible comments, rather than these ones...

P.s. If you really wanna know what being a thirty-something grandma is like read these blogs. Warning: They do not fit your stereotypes!