So anyway, I've been asked to write a letter to my pregnant self for a book. I think its a fab idea. In fact I had done something similar in my 13&30 blog. I'm just a bit concerned though because this letter will have my name attached to it. I'm not used to justifying myself in public. Because it's actually really hard. Whatever you say you know what people are really thinking. Unless you were a young parent yourself you can't really understand. So I asked my mum what I should put...
"You could say there are a lot of creches" she suggested,
"But Mum, I've never used a creche in my life!"
I don't think she understood the concept of the letter. Either that or she was saying I should never have used her as my primary childcare option! 
She must have been thinking about it though because this morning she rang me to say I should make sure that I make it clear that I got pregnant by accident! She didn't want people thinking I'd done it on purpose.... 'and you don't want to be seen to be encouraging it' she added. Ok, Mum. It's a tricky balance. I am glad I had my son when I was young.  For me it has worked out. But I guess for my Mum, it was hard at the time to see her daughter have to grow up so quickly. It must also have been hard for her telling other people and seeing the looks on their faces. Maybe we should be writing letters to the parents of pregnant teens too!

 If you want to write a letter for this book click on the link now!