My son was born in 1996, pre-Teenage Pregnancy Strategy. I had just turned 17. I honestly don't ever remember hearing the term 'teenage parent' in reference to my situation. I had a normal midwife, a normal health visitor, went to a normal antenatal class and a normal 'parent n toddle' group.

There were positives to this. While I was approaching the big 2.0, my mummy friends were all approaching the big 4.0! They had cars and frequently transported us on days out. I had time and energy and frequently looked after their children while they worked!  But there were negatives too; the health visitor was rude and would often talk down to me. No one seemed to notice or be concerned when my partner wouldn't allow me to attend appointments. By the time I first heard about someone setting up a young mums group I was too old....(although luckily our paths crossed much later)

Today it seems that as soon as teenagers know they're pregnant they get referred onto specialist 'teen' support, which then follows them through their remaining teenage years, with every different agency wanting to claim credit for 'moving them on'. I know that many young mums really appreciate the support they are given, and I know there are some excellent people working with young parents, but I wonder what old skool teen mums think? Do you think you would have benefited from this support and attention? What difference would it have made? Do you agree with the blanket 'targeting' of teenage mums?

Please share your thoughts..........