So, the first week of survey responses have been analysed (see previous blog post). Thank you to everyone who completed a survey - They are still coming in but please do spread the word. In summary, the results so far show that free childcare, the location of childcare and advice and support are the most important things in helping young parents return to education.  Over a third (39%) of young parents who responded felt that the best time to return to education was within a year of becoming  a young parent, with a further 50% split equally between 1-3 years and when children are at school. Only 15% felt that it was best to return straight away. Many comments suggested that it depended on the individual and the support available, and it should be down to personal choice. Flexible time tables, part time courses and 'maternity leave' from education were also considered important in helping parents to return.

These findings have helped inform a follow up survey to put together an informed response to the DfE consultation. Anyone can fill this in, whether you are/were a young parent or not - Don't be put off by all the words! It shouldn't take more than a minute or two!

There are 18 days left of the consultation period - It would be really great if this got a bit of publicity as its still seems to be under most people's radar. Surely there must be some organisations out there supporting and advocating for young mums???? Anyone??? If you have any ideas do get in contact!