It's Day 4 of 'Operation Save Care2Learn'.

This is where we are:


1. So far 44 young parents have responded to the survey about being a young parent and returning to education -  This is fab and the results are really interesting. The results so far not only identify the importance of childcare and when young parents think is the best time to return to education but they also suggests other areas where colleges could be more helpful in supporting young parents. I will use the results gathered to inform a follow up survey looking at different types of support in more detail. Watch this space.

2. Hayley has written an amazing blog post about her experience of using Care2Learn. Please go and read it.

3. I have set up a facebook page called 'Young Parent Voice' - The survey is on here. Have a look and 'like' the page. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to use this page in the future.

Young Parent Voice


1. Facebook seems to have now decided that my survey link is spam so I'm now having difficulty posting it!

2. The actual DfE consultation is a tick box for 'preferred option' and then gives a very small box for comments - I need to work out how respond effectively! (I also think its unfair that they don't really want to hear what people think!)

3. Survey Monkey is pretty rubbish unless you pay to upgrade it!!

4. I don't think that DfE will change their budget for Care2Learn so the best we can do is suggest the most effective way to ensure that most young parents benefit. The issue is that although the C2L budget is increasing they are expecting more 16-18 yr old young parents to be education (because of the new leaving age) so they want to reduce current eligibility. It is vital that they listen to young parents when they look at things like this (in more than just a tick box exercise!). In the follow up survey (if it doesn't get reported as spam!) I will build on the initial findings and look at the impact of other options (that DfE haven't considered) such as more part time courses leading to lower childcare payments etc.  If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. I think being able to guarantee the current level of childcare payments for young parents up to age 20 is really important so if you have any other money saving ideas do email me!

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this -  I really really hope we can make a difference!!