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Young Parent Survey Results*

Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, October 5, 2011,

*none of this has been tested for statistical significance!

Who responded to the survey?

73 parents responded to the survey in the first 7 days. Over half had given birth to their first child in the last 4 years. The most common age for giving birth was in the year parents turned 17. 32% were in school when they found out they were pregnant and 32% were working, 23% were in college and 11% were NEET.

39% lived with their parents where at least one worked when they had their first child. 24% live...
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Young Parent Survey

Posted by Prymface on Saturday, October 1, 2011,
Click here to take survey

Just a reminder! x

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Operation Save Care2Learn Day 4

Posted by Prymface on Friday, September 30, 2011,

It's Day 4 of 'Operation Save Care2Learn'.

This is where we are:


1. So far 44 young parents have responded to the survey about being a young parent and returning to education -  This is fab and the results are really interesting. The results so far not only identify the importance of childcare and when young parents think is the best time to return to education but they also suggests other areas where colleges could be more helpful in supporting young parents. I will use the results ga...
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Looks like it's up to us then

Posted by Prymface on Wednesday, September 28, 2011,

This month the Government launched its consultation on changes to Care to Learn.

When Care to Learn works it is an amazing thing.  It basically pays the childcare (up to £160 a week) for young parents under 20 while they are in education. For young parents who aren't lucky enough to have their mum on hand just round the corner to look after their little cherub (for which I will be eternally grateful) Care to Learn is often the only way that young mums can afford to go back to college and gain...

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