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Preventing Teenage Pregnancy or simply preventing agency

Posted by prymface on Saturday, May 8, 2010,
I know it's all been said before here and here and I've blogged about it recently but it seems some people still believe that in order to prevent pregnancies they need to reinforce the message that all teenage pregnancies are 'bad' and 'shameful' and will basically ruin your life, rather than allow young people to talk about why they may want a baby, or why they feel like they don't have the same choices as other girls, or why they don't care enough about themselves to think about the next da...
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'Teenage mums fight back'

Posted by prymface on Monday, January 25, 2010,
A brave article in the Independent yesterday:

Promiscuous scroungers or loving parents? Teenage mums fight back

Britain's young mothers feel they don't deserve constant negative coverage and will this week tell the Prime Minister so.

Of course most of the comments are your typical 'I don't want to pay my taxes to encourage scum of the earth to multiply' but thats to be expected! If you have time add your positive comments to this article.

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