I wasn't holding out much hope for this programme on Channel 5 last week. The idea seemed to be that Kym Marsh would go back to her roots to meet some teen mums, and offer them some inspiration. I didn't know much about Kym Marsh and initially I was kinda skeptical of the fact that the famous popstar/actress thing is a kinda unrealistic option for most young mums. Ok, now after watching the programme I totally feel like a b cos Kym Marsh was absolutely lovely, and she seemed to genuinely care about the girls she met....

One girl was only 13 when she became a mum but she was so scared of leaving her baby, even for an hour, because she didn't want people talking about her and saying she wasn't taking take of her child. When Kym tried to encourage her to go out an enjoy herself you could see how uncomfortable she was just at the thought of being away from her 15 month old. Enjoying herself away from her baby was a completely alien concept.

Another young mum talked about the nasty derogatory names she was called just for being a teen mum.  She wanted a job but felt that no one would ever give her one because she wasn't good enough. Her confidence was so low and it affected the whole way she saw her future, and the opportunities that were open to her.

The thing that was different about this programme and other teen mum programmes however was the narration and comments from Kym. While acknowledging that it is hard sometimes, she tells the young mums that they don't deserve the nasty comments they get, they do have opportunities and they should never feel ashamed of being a young mum; "Always talk about your children with a big smile on your face. Never let other people make you think you can't do that."  For the mums on the show (and those on twitter) these are clearly not words they hear often, and the affect was amazing. So simple really! It made me wish I'd had a Kym when I was 17 too!

Then Kym's last line to the viewers summed it up nicely - "Lets stop judging people and give them a break"

Thank you Kym Marsh,
Pleasantly Surprised