Ok. I've done my top 10 before. So, after a lot of thinking, here are my bottom 10!

1. You never had a 'pre-pregnancy body' (or not for long enough to make the most of it anyway!)

2. For many young mums, the first time you fall in love will be the day you meet your child. No bloke can EVER compete with that, ever.

3. The unplanned-ness of it all can mean that siblings have to wait - in my case my son will be waiting forever! -  Sometimes I wish I had just been 'irresponsible' one last time! (or maybe a few more times).

4. Being independent and relying on yourself is great - but it's not something you can easily go back on. That knight in shining armor wanting to look after you will have to realise that you aint no-ones girl!

5. It's disappointing when you think you're a cool young mum and then have to come to terms with the fact your child is still embarrassed to be seen out with you.

6. Savings. Like, how exactly do people ever get them and not need to spend them???

7. Some experiences you just cant relate to: 'Going to the gym' just seems like an expensive and pointless equivalent of pushing a buggy up a steep hill or playing football with a hyper 5 year old! (Don't get me started on 'Me Time'!!)

8. 'Going travelling to find yourself' doesn't mean anything to you! (When going on holidays with kids you seem to spend most of your time just trying to find places that have kids menus! By the time the kids have left home and you can go travelling on your own you'd pretty much hope that you know who you are by then!)

9.  An 'impromptu night out' is impossible in your teens/twenties ("oh wait, I'll just sort out a babysitter, right - I can do three weeks on Saturday....hello?"). When you reach your thirties and suddenly find yourself with unlimited free time, grinding drunkenly with randoms and flashing to the bouncers doesn't quite have the same appeal when you run a high risk of bumping into your child or their friends!

10. Even though you love the taste and know it is THE best way to get a bit tipsy, unfortunately so will your child. Having Alcopops in the house just isn't worth the risk - booo!