It's ok, my blog hasn't been hacked, I'm talking about the term 'Teenage Parents'. I just think it is necessary to point out that young mothers do not refer to themselves as 'Teenage Parents'.

'Teenage Pregnancy' is no more than a social construction, with the use of the label apparently 'invented' in 1960's Middle Class America. Society's image of a 'teenager' does not sit well with it's ideals of parenting, or, specifically, being a mother. The lack of opportunities to hear the voices of young mothers, reinforces this (at best) concern or (at worst) anger. The portrayal of Teenage Parents falls into two categories:  vulnerable and neglected OR devious, destructive and manipulative. Neither of which invoke confidence in their parenting! The media jump on this moral panic causing people to believe teenage pregnancy rates are much higher than they actually are, and that something must be done to stop this dangerous epidemic! Evidence shows that there are far more pressing and significant social problems, yet the Preventing Teenage Pregnancy tag line continues to ignore the real problems. 'Teenage Parents' have been used to represent the shameful morals of today, the feckless, the selfish, the underclass; the 'other'.

That is why young parents hate the term Teenage Parent.

It does not represent them.

If you listened and understood you would know this too.