You may remember this time last year I pestered everyone into voting for two of my favourite bloggers in the MADS blog awards. Well this year is ESPECIALLY exciting because one of the finalists in the Best Pregnancy Blog is none other than our long-standing supporter and all round amazing blogger HAYLEY - Whoop Whoop!

Ever since Prymface started Hayley has been around blogging about the important things that I rant on about! I always know I can rely on Hayley to be a perfect example of just what I mean when I say young parents can be good parents, in fact, not just good parents but bloody GREAT parents! You have to follow her blog to understand just how much this girl rocks-seriously!

Hayley never let becoming at mum at 16 hold her back. Just reading about all the things she has achieved makes me tired and want a nap! She puts her heart into everything she does, from studying, to photography, to running, to blogging, which means she achieves amazing results. But her most important role by far is parenting, a job she clearly excels at and loves to bits (so much so she's only bloody doing at all again!). Her blog is a great support to so many young (and old!) mums who never even imagined such things were possible. And she is always ready to stick up for young mums because she knows just how strong she's had to be (Jan Moir watch out!). Hayley isn't afraid to speak her mind, which is a good job cos her mind is Incredible! Hayley: you are an inspiration! This is why we love you!

So puuuulease, scroll down and click on Simply Hayley for Best Preggers Blog, share the love! <3