#Youngmumschat is an opportunity for young mums and others to share experiences and stories of young motherhood and issues that affect young mums. A while ago we asked people what difference #youngmumschat had made to them. The following quotes show just how important this community of young mums is, and how much better it could be!

"It's helped me to create a non-judgmental and supportive community of young moms and former young moms"

"Remembering we're all the same and all different"

"I'm always interested to hear other peoples' views on a range of subjects; YMC is a range of folk that I would be 'the wrong age group' to interact with normally; but for my job I need to know where to pitch ideas, thoughts and facts."

"The PND chat helped me to stop feeling so guilty after such a long time."

"I'm far less likely to assume a younger mum isnt happy about being a mum"

"It's good to know there are likeminded young mums out there that pulled through it. Just wish I could become closer with them as I have no mum friends."

"Young mums don't often have friends that we can relate to, it's nice to talk with other mums who have similar experiences to me, even if it is only online."

Past twitter chats can be viewed here: https://storify.com/prymface