Just a quick update to let everyone know that not one but TWO young mums blogs have reached the finals of the MADS awards. Both are on my young mums stories page so you should know them well of course. But if not here's a little reminder:

1. Everyday Parent is a blog about a young mum who found herself pregnant and in care at 14. This blog tells her story from her own perspective of that confused, scared, destructive, strong minded, angry, loving mix of contradictions that only a fourteen year old can display. It feels so real it's hard to believe the writer is now an amazingly sorted mum to a 8 years old daughter...or maybe its not that hard to believe at all....

To vote for Everyday parent as 'Most Inspirational Blog' click here and go to the MADS link

2. Slummy Single Mummy  is a blog that covers everything from politics, parenting and parties to tips on how to do as little housework as possible (always useful). Her refusal to conform to your typical yummy mummy blog has resulted in wide spread popularity even though she is hugely proud of becoming a young mum at 17 and isn't ashamed to admit it!

To vote for Slummy Single Mummy as 'Best New Blog 'click here and go to the MADS link