2010 is the first year that Prymface has blogged throughout the year - maybe not every month, but for those that follow Prymface on twitter you'll know that rarely a day goes by when Prymface doesn't have an opinion on something to do with young mums, teenage pregnancy, sex education, etc! So, I thought I'd try putting together a recap of the year just to remind you of how on the ball I am, I mean how much has happened in the last 12 months!

January - 2010 kicked off with a group of young mums challenging the Prime Minister about the constant negative coverage they get - Yep, 2010 was off to a good start - Go girls!
February - Everyone went a bit mental this month: A new book came out called 'Teenage Parenthood: whats the problem?' , Annual 2008 under-18 conception data, along with the latest TP strategy "beyond 2010", came out and the Conservatives moved a famous decimal place. For a recap of the hysteria that followed read this post!! All I can say is thank god for singleslummymummy and singlemummy.net
March - Barnardos released some insightful research into young mum's barriers to education. The 'Dear Me' book of young mum's letters to their pregnant selves was created and published - including contributions from 6 young mummies featured on this site (oh, plus me!)
April - Prymface got a mention on the  F-word site (fame and recognition at last!). We then had the run up to the elections and Prymface impartially (?) dissected some conservative reports that appeared rather derogatory about young mums - You were WARNED - that's all I will say! I also blogged my personal fave ever post!
May - Prymface turned one! (nearly missed it!) Two young mums featured on this site were nominated for MAD blogger awards- and one of them actually won a goddamnreallife award - both bloggers are truely amazing though! May the 5th was also National Teenage Pregnancy Prevention day.....missed  it? Oh well.....
June - I started blogging on the pushback - which is an amazing site for young mum bloggers - check it out - here is my first blog post for them.
July - I stopped my 13 and 30 blog because I got too old and so did my son!!
August - Quite a quiet month....(!) Except for this lovely article and this one to contradict it. Oh, and not forgetting singlemummy.net's post entitled "Support? Where?!" Nicely put!
September - Underage and Pregnant was on BBC3 - interesting to watch, even more interesting to hear from those who featured about the bits that got cut. My son got at A* GCSE in year 9 (ok - this has nothing to do with the site I just thought I'd sneak it in!). Prymface also got to know the young dads project and had to admit that not all men were rubbish! I was sent an amazing DVD, Teenage Kicks, made by some inspirational young mums from Glosspdale and New Mills Young Women's Groups (see a review here). I also got tweeted from Tom Harris MP - he told me that being a young mum should NOT be source of pride (and being a bully should then huh?!!). Becki, a fellow young mum (who is still young, unlike me), also set up her own website with some fabulous young mum video bloggers. The government's spending challenge kicked off around this time and included proposals to "sterilise young girls who just breed at will" and scrap any benefits for young mums (I wish I'd done a screen shot of the comments supporting this before they took it down) (Note for the future: THIS is the Big Society).  Everyone also went mental about NICE's recommendations for antenatal classes in schools - ok, get over it already! (Luckily Maria Roberts, young mum and author, was on the case!)
October - The government continued to rant on about the 'deserving' and 'undeserving' poor - Hmmmm... I guess this is when young mums are meant to stay quiet huh? Yeah, whatever! There was a debate about the policy obsession with teenage mums at the battle of ideas. As far as I'm aware, no young mums were invited - and there is no record of what was said ANYWHERE! I did my second best ever blog post! The new Equality Act also came into force on 1st October 2010 with 'pregnancy and maternity' as a protected characteristic.....some interesting implications for education providers.
November - Prymface discovered Tracy Engelbrecht! Quartlery under-18 conceptions stats for 2009 were like mega low!
December - Stacey Solomon was 'crowned' Queen of the Jungle!! And Rebecca Ferguson was a dignified and classy runner up in X-Factor - Two amazing former teen-mums. The TPIAG produced it's final report. Lots of people got concerned about cuts to teen pregnancy funding - But there didn't seem to be much of a panic about cuts to the support for young mums....well, so far....Watch this space!

All in all, young mummies have been pretty busy this year - not so single mum moved to Spain, Camilla Chafer has a book out next month, singlemummy.net got all loved up (!) (Oh, and caused controversy with THAT post about Mumsnet!), 1 more means 4 became 5 (Wowsers!), tea and cakes started a full time degree as a single mum of 4, Tracy Engelbrecht organised her first young mum meet up and everyday parent became a media whore for a month (her words!). Across the other pond, Bristol Palin did some stuff (not very convincingly), MTV's Teen Mom got a lot of media coverage (not all positive) and MAteenpregnancy put on a fabulous annual conference where the young mum panel clearly stole the show! (Featuring Alex and Natatsha from the pushback)

So I guess a lot happened in 2010 - Young mums don't always get the right attention in the media -  but I'm hoping that my ranting and raving, and chatting to some interesting people on twitter (well, as much as you can in 140 chars), does go some way in getting the REAL voices out there - you know the ones that you don't usually hear cos they aren't part of any organisation or charity or enterprise or coalition -  Maybe there's still a lot to learn about how the world works, and how to get listened to, but the more voices shouting, or just blogging away quietly but conscientiously, the more the 'status quo' is challenged...Thanks to everyone contributing (sorry if I've forgotten anyone), and thanks to EVERYONE who listened. You know who you are!

Here's to 2011. Lets make it another good one for young mums! (Is it midnight yet??? - This post took slightly longer than anticipated!)