There will always be ignorant, small-minded, judgemental people who like nothing better that to rant and rave about the 'problem with Teenage Mums'. It is upsetting and frustrating and offensive, especially when you're doing all you can not to be that stereotype, but sometimes all we can do is correct people and move on....

However, the problem is kinda hard to ignore when these people are in positions of power, making the decisions and influencing others....

  • The delightful MP Tom Harris uses the common technique of shaming all young mums: "I can no longer pretend that the army of teenage mothers living off the state is anything other than a national catastrophe" - Thanks for that one! (He has also tweeted me to tell me he doesn't care who he offends!!)
  • David Cameron, in the House of Commons, describes the Baby P case as 'a story about a 17-year-old girl who had no idea how to bring up a child.' when the mother was actually 27, but not one person challenged this....hmmm, no apology then?
  • I'm sure he meant well but I cringed when Gordon Brown talked about the benefits of supervised homes for young mothers in terms of wanting young parents to 'learn responsibility and how to raise their children properly'. The assumption being......???

Just to warn you, being a 'young mum' doesn't end when you leave your teens. I still regularly witness the shock on people's faces when I say how old my son is as they mentally try and calculate how old I must have been!!

So many assumptions go along with being a young mum. People often feel that they have the right to ask very personal questions (like 'was your child was planned? Are you still with the father?' 'erm, excuse me?!') and you do sometimes feel like you have to justify yourself. I'm sure a lot of people don't even realise they're doing it. Others, however, are just plain rude, and need to be told so! It can also constitute bullying, particularly when grown men are picking on young girls to make them feel better about themselves!


People on the Telly/Radio who Claim Teenage Pregnancy Rates are SOARING

Peter Hitchens (Question time)

Joanne Hill (Woman's hour)

Ben Ofoedu (Vanessa show)


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