prymface can offer a range of services for no cost at all. Please consider the following free support to help make the world a better place for young mums! 


There is a lot of really bad research out there about young parents, the consequences of teenage parenthood, the reasons for teenage parenthood, etc. Luckily Prymface has spent many years dissecting methodologies and challenging assumptions to ensure that the most robust and reliable research can be shared and understood. Please feel free to discuss any research queries you have and I will be more than happy to help. A reading list is available here.


Often young mothers are left out of policy planning because there is lack of understanding of how needs may differ to other young people, or other parents. Prymface has responded to various government proposals on behalf of young parents, taking into account young parents' experiences and views and making use of the reliable research that exists. Here is an examples of a response to DWP's consultation on new child maintenance plans, and here is a recent repsonse to the DfE's consultation on Care to Learn changes, which included the experiences and views of over 75 young mums.


In the UK 10% of females are estimated to become teenage mothers. If you don't think that 10% of your female service users fall under this category then maybe you should be doing something about it. Similarly, if 10% of your female consultation respondents were not teenage parents then maybe their views aren't being considered either. Prymface has a facebook page with over 500 young parent friends all willing to respond to any questions you have. Here is an example of a recent request about why young mothers are less likely to breastfeed, and what support can be offered.


The media love a good story about a teen mom gone bad. If this is what you're looking for I can't help. If you would like real life stories from young mums about their amazing journeys then you're in luck. I know loads, but please be warned, these young mums own their stories - Do not change them, edit them, dramatise them or make them your own. You have been warned. Here is an example of a book put together of inspirational letters from young mums, around 10 of whom were contacted through Prymface.

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