15th Jan 2010

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13th December 2009

You find so much on the internet when you are meant to be writing a really boring essay on economic development mechanisms. Just stumbled across this long awaited article (at 02.53am) entitled I'm glad I was a teenage mum.

She sounds pretty amazing too

12th December 2009

After randomly commenting on a Guardian article Heather Corinna from Scarleteen has sent me this link about the language used around preventing teenage pregnancy and the discrimination that it encourages. Its an insightful article and articulates many of my incoherent rants! 


When older people and/or those of means are those creating the movements to "prevent teen pregnancy," -- and that is overwhelmingly who is -- the onus is us to evaluate and keep in check any bias we may have, and to be very sure those are not influencing how we treat teen pregnancy, planned or unplanned, wanted or unwanted. And that's what I think hasn't been done very well: that's what I see when I see phrases like "preventing teen pregnancy." I see a whole lot of bias, a whole lot of carelessness and a whole lot of disrespect.

5th December 2009

If you were to write a letter to your 16 year old self what would you say? What would you change if you had the chance? How many young girls stay in bad relationships because they don't yet realise how strong they are on their own? How many mums would try to tell themselves that having a baby isn't the end of their world but the beginning?

Dear My 16 year old self, I don't know whether you know you're pregnant yet..

Dear 16 year old me, I know your pregnant and I know your scared...

Have a go yourself...

11th November 2009

I read this book in 24 hours which, bearing in mind it usually takes me the best part of a year to actually get to the end of a book, must mean that its pretty good. buy it now: Single Mother on the Verge

12th October 2009

Young mums have been in the media quite a bit lately with GB's speech on 'supervised homes'. Not sure what he has in mind but the idea that they will teach 'responsibility' and how to bring up children 'properly' doesn't bode well; clearly fueling the stereotype that all young mums are stupid and incapable!

Thought this article was interesting on how teenage mothers have been treated through the ages. I'm still not convinced that attitudes are any better now....Ofra Koffman seems to suggest that a shift towards viewing teenage parents as 'vulnerable children to be protected' is somewhat better but I still think this ignores the hundreds of young mums who cope just fine with motherhood and actually don't really need your pity.

This article by Jan Macvarish  articulates the danger of labeling all teenage mums as 'inadequate' and in need of intervention.

23rd September 2009

BBC Three Documentary looking for young teen mums

Mentorn television is making a second series of Underage and Pregnant for the BBC Three, a documentary series following young mums-to-be through pregnancy, birth and having a baby. It’s about telling the real stories of teenagers who are pregnant and hearing about your experiences in your words.

"We’re looking for a mix of teenage mums – and dads – from a variety of different backgrounds to feature in the series. If you’re 16 or under and pregnant or have recently given birth we’d really like to speak to you and hear your story."

To find out more email
call 0207 258 6786
or text 07503 079235

29th August 2009

Loving this new site for young parents. So much useful information and much needed too!

12th August 2009

Sorry I've been rubbish with updates but thanks to CYPnow for mentioning this site.

Glad you liked the positive anecdotes!

10th July 2009

The impact of the Media on perceptions

In July 2008 Ipsos MORI asked 1,986 British adults to estimate the proportion of British girls under 16 that get pregnant each year. The average estimate was 23% with a sizable proportion (17%) estimating over 40%. The actual % of girls under 16 getting pregnant each year is a mere 0.8%! Ipsos MORI conclude that 'where direct experience is limited, perceptions can widely diverge from reality'. You reckon?!

27th June 2009

Crimes against Young Parents!

This month's 'criminal' is Channel 4 for constantly showing negative examples of young parents as either helpless victims or irresponsible, lazy and selfish:

Kimberly Young Mum 10 years on

Pramface Babies

The Hospital


No wonder people have such bad opinions of young mums!

11th June 2009

Most Patronising 'Research' Ever!

I'm still feeling a bit uneasy about a report I just read on 'reducing teenage pregnancies and their negative effects in the UK'  and the fact that it seems to ignore any past research that suggests 'negative effects' would not  necessarily be reduced by delaying childbirth (i.e. it is not being a teenager that is the problem but other pre-existing social/economic factors). The report is littered with (in my opinion) ignorant assumptions about young parents.

Here are some quotes from the 'research':

'Immaturity affects the ability to moderate negative behaviour, such as smoking and seeking timely health care. Once the baby is born, not persisting with breastfeeding may also be a harmful consequence of immaturity.'

'[having a baby is] a way of getting noticed. Teachers, social workers, health visitors and GPs all start to show an interest in your welfare. Their interest may be censorious, but it’s better than being completely ignored or, worse still, treated as a no-hope troublemaker.'

'For all these reasons, while getting pregnant may have been inadvertent, continuing with the pregnancy is a functional choice. You may think that having the baby will make your life better (and, who knows?) perhaps it might when compared to the (lack of) alternatives. Feelings are, after all, facts.'

'They will not necessarily see, understand or be concerned by long-term consequences of social exclusion, seeing instead the short-term attractions. After all, one of the most debilitating aspects of social exclusion is that the excluded don’t always recognise the extent of their exclusion. On the contrary, with reference to their immediate peers, they may feel that their choices and lifestyles are quite mainstream, not deserving of criticism, censure or change at all.'

'..These attractions must be taken into account if young people are to be persuaded that the downside exceeds the upside'

I know the focus of this report is to give young parents more support, but if all young parents are treated like they are stupid then surely it becomes kind of counter productive?

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