Prymface isn't about being a 'supermum'. If it was then I wouldn't come close to qualifying. I can try and tell you my life story but at the end of the day I still use selotape to take my trousers up, I would rather drive the wrong way than change lanes near a junction, I wear odd socks pretty much every day, I don't do marathons or dinner parties, and I only give to charity if the person asking is extremely cute (!), so I'd feel a bit of a fake if I portrayed anything else. Ultimately, we are all human but here are a few real life young mums who are super in my opinion, each one showing a different face of young motherhood:

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Websites by young mums:

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Opinions of young mums are often accompanied by rather negative anecdotes. In response, please feel free to quote any of the following as alternative examples of 'teen moms':

  1. Kanya King: Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Founder & CEO of MOBO Organisation
  2. Stacey Soloman: Queen of the Jungle 2010 - officially the nicest person ever!
  3. Keisha Castle-Hughes: Oscar nominated actress and campaigner
  4. Linda Armstrong Kelly: Mother of Lance Armstrong
  5. Sue Townsend: Novelist (Adrian Mole) and playwright
  6. Ava Vidal: Stand-up comedienne
  7. Beverly Donofrio: Author, most noted for writing her autobiography Riding in Cars with Boys
  8. Pattie Lynn Mallette: Mother of Justin Bieber!
  9. Lisselle Kayla: Sitcom writer and mother of actress and Cambridge graduate Naomi Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean etc)
  10. Carla Bonner: 'Steph' from Neighbours!
  11. Lady Margaret Beaufort: Mother of King Henry VII of England
  12. Kay Mellor (OBE): Actress, script writer, director and mother of actress Gaynor Faye
  13. Dr Maya Angelou: Poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist!
  14. Tilly Bagshawe: Cambridge graduate, journalist and author (younger sister of Louise Mensch)
  15. Letizia Ramolino: Mother of Napoleon (She gave birth to five children before she was 20!)
  16. Dr Rosalind Edwards: Professor and founder/co-editor of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology
  17. Jenny Dickinson: WAS Deputy editor of ELLE, NOW acting editor of British Bazaar
  18. Rebecca Ferguson: X-Factor runner up 2010
  19. Dame Shirley Bassey
  20. Lauren Luke: Self-taught make up artist known as Panacea81 online
  21. Anne Dunham/Soetoro: Mother of Barack Obama
  22. Mary: Mother of Jesus!
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